Comfort At My Table – a love letter (Milton)

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”Lemon hot water

–  The beautiful, pastel, candied interior;

– The warm, friendly staff;

– The delicious, generous servings of food;

– The sweet cakes and cookies;

– The nice strong coffee;

– The perfect $1 hot water lemon  for that weekend detox;

– The basket of apples as you leave the Comfort.Eggs benedict

Suffice to say, I love Comfort At My Table.

Perfect for a girlie brunch, a sweet casual date with your partner (although, I suppose it appeals more to the metrosexual male or older gentlemen with their lady wife – I have yet to see a tattooed tradie type!), or just for that little bit of Comfort.

So aside from my basic recommendation of ‘GO THERE!’, I’d recommend also to make a booking if you’re going there on the weekends because the place gets very full, very quickly! Haha, and people, like myself, enjoying that perfectly little bit of breakfast comfort aren’t deign to leave quickly 😛

Lots of love at Comfort At My Table.

Open Pan Fry UpOpen Omelette

Comfort At My Table:  19 Cribb St, Milton 4064

Comfort at My Table on Urbanspoon


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