San Churro – keeping the chocolate faith (Southbank)

First things first: I’m a sucker for all things chocolate. Last time I visited Mellbourne I did the home-made chocolate tour: hitting Max Brenner, Koko Black, Darrel Lea and San Churro in the space of a day!

So when San Churro finally opened a store in Brisbane and check-ins and photos started popping up on my facebook feed, HELLS YEAH! However, with the pics of long churros, mugs of hot chocolate and platters of chocolate tapas, also came the not so stellar comments of dodgy service and low-choco-yumness-meter.

Convincing my Urbanspoon dependant friends on visiting San Churro with me was going to be a tough ask (it was sitting at generally just 50% positive). Instead, we continued to wait in the long lines at Max Brenner, quick gelato next to IMAX, or half price Tuesday waffles at Gelare.

Late on a Monday night however, the tied turned, and I finally managed a visit to San Churro! Service was fine, and at 10pm there was no line but still plenty of people sucking on their hot chocolate and licking their spoons to give a good atmosphere.

I had the Churros for One (hey, gotta judge by its namesake I say!), a couple of friends had a hot chocolate drink each, and the Macaroon-King had, suffice to say, macaroons.

*shrug* the churros was okay. Maybe it was the end of the day, but I’m pretty sure I got whatever was remanent of their churros batter because it was a bit lacking in length (no girth jokes here!). The dark chocolate dipping sauce was delicious though. The hot chocolates were okay – the hazelnut flavoured one didn’t really taste of hazelnut. The macaroons were okay – passionfruit flavour was the best. That was pretty much the theme of the night at San Churro: “eh, it’s okay”.

However, according to my friend who had previously visited a couple of times when it first opened, this Eh-It’s-Ok-Churro experience was actually a vast improvement on her last two visits. So San Churro will stay on the books, and I shall keep up the chocolate faith!

Chocolateria San Churro on Urbanspoon


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