JFX : Japanese Food eXpress (Southport)

I love free stuff. And I love cheap (*cough* sorry, as my boss would say, ‘cost effective’ *cough*) stuff. It’s inbuilt into my genes.

So when my friend recommended we go to JFX at Southport for dinner, and I saw the 11 bucks sashimi bento box with free miso soup dispensing machine (FREE MISO SOUP DISPENSING MACHINE!!!), I was 99.99% certain that this was my kinda place. And, oh yeah, was it!

Located in a quiet courtyard at the Southport Central complex, JFX at 7pm on a Saturday was packed to the brim with young Japanese / Asian friend and family groups with the occasional Caucasian dotted throughout. Always a good sign!

We were greeted by a super sweet and polite staff (Irashimasen!) who managed to squeeze us into a small table outside and offered my friend a blanket because it was pretty nippy outside and she didn’t have a jacket. The menu included BBQ buffet, bento boxes, and your standard katsudon / chicken curry type Japanese fare. Having eaten pretty much non-stop throughout the day as we made our drive from Brisbane to Southport, we regretfully passed on the $29 BBQ buffet (although it looked awesome!!), and settled for a sashimi bento box each.

The bento box was simple, fresh, and tasty: everything you can ask for, for an $11 meal. Inside was a free miso soup dispensing machine. A FREE MISO SOUP DISPENSING MACHINE (haha, yes, I was inordinately excited by this contraption)! You added your own toppings (seaweed and some noodle-y thing), press the button, and voila miso soup! It’s the type of thing that fuels my miso soup addiction and helps restore my faith in humanity.

We really didn’t get to try much, but from everything I saw, from the staff, to the menu, to the price, to everyone else enjoying their meals, JFX looks like a winner for a quick, cheap and enjoyable meal. Now I just need to find an excuse to go all the way down to Southport again!!

JFX address: 56 Scarborough Street, Southport, QLD 4215

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